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What is Going Forward into Employment?

Going Forward into Employment (GFiE) life chance recruitment schemes use innovative approaches to recruit
people from a wide range of backgrounds into the Civil Service.

We provide opportunities for people who face barriers to employment, providing them with experience
that can improve their life chances and help make the Civil Service more representative of the country it

We work across the UK, offering opportunities and working in partnership with Local Authorities and the
Voluntary sector. We are actively contributing towards the ambition that the Civil Service will draw on the
talents of the widest possible range of geographical and social backgrounds.

Our work increases cognitive diversity, reaching out into communities, bringing new voices and lived
experiences into the Civil Service from people who would not otherwise have joined the Civil Service. We
want to offer fantastic support to life chance candidates, line managers and teams so that candidates can

We encourage innovation and collaboration. We have worked creatively and collaboratively and as we grow
we will retain our commitment to working flexibly to overcome barriers. We want to develop our approach
to make it easy for colleagues to recruit life chance candidates so that more opportunities are provided for
life chance candidates informed by the experience of pilot projects and early adopters.


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) regulates recruitment into the Civil Service, ensuring that appointments are made on merit after fair and open competition.

The Recruitment Principles set out the rules about fair and open competition. Exception 2 in the Principles allows the provision of “fixed-term appointments within the Civil Service for individuals whose circumstances and previous life chances make it difficult for them to compete for appointments on merit on the basis of fair and open competition without further work experience and/or training opportunities.”

Exception 10 allows candidates in AO or EO (or equivalent grades) to be made permanent after 12 months subject to satisfactory performance. Candidates above EO cannot use this exception but can apply for roles through fair and open competition at any time.

The Civil Service Commission accredits GFIE life chance recruitment schemes across the Civil Service. The GFiE team sits within the CSC. It accredits new schemes, supports the network of schemes and also runs schemes.

You read more about GFiE here >>


A call for evidence ran over the summer of 2018 asking for case studies from public, private and voluntary sector employers and organisations which support ex-offenders in employment. Further information can be found here

Equality & Diversity

We are committed to ensuring that wherever possible our events, products and materials are accessible to all. If you have any requirements that would help you access our services, please let us know and we will endeavour to make any reasonable changes.

Please let us know if we are doing something that would discourage you from using or supporting our schemes.

We support recruitment practices to help make sure our workforce in locations around the country reflects the make-up of the local community.

How to make suggestions or complain about our services?

Please send comments, complaints and compliments to or comment directly on the blog posts (please also read our Comments and moderation policy)